Gunilla Of Sweden Lerosett Clay Mask 2.5oz

Gunilla Of Sweden Lerosett  Clay Mask 2.5oz
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Product Description

LEROSETT® by Gunilla of Sweden® is a professional skin care product for problem skin that has been a favorite for dermatologists and estheticians for over 25 years. LEROSETT® is the world's best selling clay mask for problem skin and has been called a miracle product by dermatologists and skin care professionals for decades.

Amazing Ways to Use LEROSETT® Clay Treatment
Prevent Ingrown Hairs: Much like a pimple, the clay prevents ingrown hair from forming. (Spot treat and apply thin layer on area)

Healing Sores, Pimples & More: LEROSETT® users often apply clay to scratches, cuts and smaller wounds to dramatically increase healing times, relieve pain, cool the area, prevent itching as it heals and minimize scarring. (Apply thin layer on area or Spot Treat or cover clay with band aid)

Minimize Pore Size for Smoother Skin: Significantly minimize pore size creating smoother younger looking skin. Also makeup goes on much better after a mask. (Apply facial mask)

Fully Detox, Minimize Fine Lines & Slow Aging: Deep clean, removing imbedded impurities for healthier younger looking skin. (Apply facial mask)

Prevent Razor Burn: Prevent the effects of razor burn anywhere you shave. For men and women (Apply thin layer on area after shaving)

Better Waxing: Prevent redness; pain and swelling when applied pre and post waxing. Men & Women (Apply thin layer on area)

Cleansing & Oily Scalp: Use clay as a wash cream, mild exfoliate or rub into oily scalp. Squeeze out one inch of clay, rub into face or scalp, let dry and remove in shower or sink. (Apply thin layer on area)

Bug Bites: Cools and stops itching, redness and swelling as well as potential scarring and speeds healing. You won't want to use anything else for bug bites ever again. (Spot treat or cover spot treatment with band aid)

Rashes: Many types of rashes will benefit from detox and mineral infusion from clay. Even on pets. (Apply thin layer on area and you can leave it on too)

Multiple Skin Conditions: Minimize discomfort and itching from skin problems like psoriasis, eczema even small wounds. Multiple skin conditions can safely benefit from the clay's detoxing and cooling effects, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. (Apply thin layer on area, or spot treat and cover with band aid, remove when convenient)